The btBUG is a bluetooth module that enables you to quickly and easily add wireless, serial communication to your project. The btBUG is designed to operate as a slave device only. The btBUG has a workable range of approximately 30 feet (10 meters). The btBUG can be easily configured through it's RS232 interface, enabling you to re-configure communication baudrate, pass-key and even device name.

This is a quarter size stickyBUG and occupies one quarter of a stickySHIELD. This means you can have four quarter size bugs per shield or you can have one half size BUG and two quarter size BUGs per shield. They can be stacked on other stickySHIELDs if required. Only one btBUG should be used for any given design.

Sample Code



This shield uses RS232 communication on the Tx2 and Rx2 pins. The nature of simple RS232 communication means that it is not recommended you use another stickyBUG that shares RS232 communication on pins Tx2 and Rx2.