The motorBUG is a twin motor drive BUG based around the popular Toshiba TB6612FNG, which supports variable speed and direction control of two motors. The motorBUG can handle a motor power supply voltage of up to 15V maximum, with an output current of 1.2A (3.2A peak). A fantastic little BUG for robotic projects or where a single / twin motor driver is needed. If the control of two motors isn't enough - don't worry. The motorBUG uses programmable addressing, which means you can use many motorBUGs at any given time!

This is a quarter size stickyBUG and occupies one quarter of a stickySHIELD. This means you can have four quarter size bugs per shield or you can have one half size BUG and two quarter size BUGs per shield. They can be stacked on other stickySHIELDs if required.

Sample Code


Additional Information

A call to setFrequency() routine in the motorBUG library sets one of five possible frequency states for the motor PWM driver.

ParameterActual FrequencyResolutionSpeed Range
026.66 kHz9 bits0..1023
113.33 kHz10 bits0..1023
26.66 kHz10 bits0..1023
33.33 kHz10 bits0..1023
41.66 kHz10 bits0..1023